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Christmas Chronicles 2018

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  If you’re wishing for a unique and modern Christmas, going technical and functional, hominems.com has smart presents for you.     The ultimate Christmas gift ideas guide December 2018 @Tagoarc: Smart Bracelet with changeable designs, pictures or patterns. Hint: Upload a Christmas motive. Shop now @Sleepon: Smart ring to monitor and control sleeping cycle. Minimal, comfortable and easy to use. Optimized for your smartphone. Shop now @Ekster: Smart RFID leather wallets. Bi-fold, quick access. Traceable . connectivity: bluetooth 4.0+     Shop now @WearableX: Exclusively for Yoga lovers. This smart  pants have accelerometers that tracks posture. Conceived to use in combination with the app. Shop now

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Introducing Jules I (Experimentations)

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We are currently experimenting with Jules I. It is a smart shoe exploring connectivity and resilience to external conditions. By exploring connectivity, think about transferring data from shoes to shoes or shoes to other object with 5g. Besides the speed, one of the key innovations is that peer to peer connectivity. Some features, among others: - Peer-to-peer connectivity. - Pressure weight - Pedometer- Hypoallergenic, hydrophobic, stain proof - GPS - Antimicrobial, odor control - Flexions, posture control - Temperature, humidity control.At a long-term goal at Hominems, we want to explore and create a wide range of IoT’s smart garments and wearables. We believe that this is the direction in which the fashion market is going to be in the next few years. By combining nanotechnologies with electronics, we aim for long-lasting products and the functional quality of the garments could be extended to other kinds of function. The consumer needs and buyer behaviour can be changed by this.Do you want to know more? Do you want to collaborate? Please drop us a line at: info@hominems.com

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Technological innovations @Luxury fashion brands

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WHEN LUXURY BRANDS MEETS TECH. There are several trends gripping the luxury fashion markets of the future. Among this we are introducing 3 key technological innovations: 3D properties 3D textiles and printing, is growing its use across various industrial verticals such as sports & fitness, healthcare, military & defense. It is expected to be driving the smart clothing market globally. 3D forms either in overall shape or in multilayer internal structure or both. They may be woven, braided, knitted, nonwoven, stitched, embroidered or in new special forms and may be used as flexible fabrics or rigid composites. It is not only used by its...

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